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                              MODIFIED STREET 2024 RULES









  1. Stock for make and model

  2. Unibody frames may be connected front to back

  3. All frames may be X braced. 

  4. All cars must have FULL driveshaft loop. 

  5. All cars must have COMPLETE (AS FROM FACTORY) FRONT CLIP. May be tubed from rear of front clip back. Square tubing only.

  6. Leaf spring cars must have factory front spring bucket. 1 hole only. 

  7. All hook up points must meet factory measurements. One hole only no adjustments. 

  8. No 93 up chassis allowed until more research has been done.

  9. H. Johnson frame permitted.



  1. All cars must have boxed roll cage with 1.5” o.d. x .095” minimum tubing. 

  2. Must have 3 bars in driver door and 2 bars in right door

  3. Loop around engine compartment permitted. 

  4. 2 bars may run from halo loop down to rear frame rails



  1. Stock for make and model. 1” tolerance total. (example 107” left side 108” right side)

  2. Leaf spring Camaro 108. 

  3. Metric Chassis 108.5

  4. Strut Camaro 101 E. 1 inch tolerance from factory specs



  1. Must be stock for make and model

  2. Wedge bolts permitted

  3.  Racing shocks permitted. $200 claim rule per shock (Non-adjustable only). 1 shock per wheel

  4. Strut cars may run non-working strut with racing shock on left and right side

  5. Racing springs permitted

  6. Aftermarket tubular top A-frames permitted. NON- ADJUSTABLE TUBES.

  7. Aftermarket top A-frame mounts permitted

  8. Stock bottom A-frames and mounts only. NO ALTERING

  9. Adjustable leaf spring shackles permitted. NO SLIDERS

  10. Adjustable caster/camber plates permitted on strut cars

  11. Adjustable sway bar permitted

  12. No bump stops permitted on shocks or chassis

  13. Aftermarket rear control arms

  14. Adjustable lowering blocks.



  1. Stock for make and model

  2. Speedway aftermarket 3-piece spindle permitted

  3. Heim joint or adjustable tie rod ends permitted



  1. 3 wheel brakes permitted. Single piston calipers only. Front and rear.

  2. Dual master cylinders permitted. May have in car adjuster



  1. Steel wheels only. 10” max width. ½” tol.

  2. Oversized wheel studs and lug nuts permitted

  3. Bead lock wheels permitted .

  4. American Racers Medium compound



  1. Factory HEI or single point only

  2. Distributor may be locked

  3. Soft touch rev control box permitted



  1. Stock type rear end only. NO QUICKCHANGE ALLOWED

  2. May be locked

  3. 9” Ford Grand National floater permitted



  1. Factory stock appearing / aftermarket steel or aluminum bodies permitted. Body must match chassis

  2. All glass and flammable material must be removed

  3. Headlights, tail lights, and wheel covers must be removed

  4.  Body may be hulled

  5. Doors must be bolted, strapped, welded, or pop riveted

  6. Track approved steel firewall and floor pan

  7. Area between driver and fuel cell must be totally covered in sheet metal

  8. May run aftermarket stock appearing nose. NO LATE MODEL SLOPING, MD3 OR DOMINATOR NOSES ALLOWED

  9.  No flat side bodies allowed. Must have break on both sides.

  10. No late model flat roofs allowed. Must be arched.

  11. May be open in rear

  12. 6” maximum material on spoiler blade from top of deck to top or spoiler blade. Spoiler sides start at 2” and end at 8”. 18” maximum length. Both spoiler sides must be same size



  1. All bumpers must be track approved

  2. Must not have any exposed sharp edges.

  3. Tube bumpers must be capped

  4. Must be securely attached with lift hook



  1. GM Part 88958602/19258602/88858602 – Weight 3,000lbs

  2. These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special twist off bolt head originally from Chevrolet performance. Original GM seal. Bolts or GM cap seals or Crate USA Gen III (yellow) Or Gen IV (green) are the only seals allowed. Crate engines must not be altered. Modified or changed from factory specs.

  3. The sealed engines must remain intact and not be tampered with any seals that have been removed or tapered with will make the engine illegal and not eligible for competition.

  4.  No changes are allowed to the engine including the intake manifold, heads, valve covers , front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer, or any other parts on or in engine.

  5. No vacuum pumps

  6. All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate engines must not be altered, modified, or changed from factory specs.

  7. Any GM cast iron straight plug Vortec permitted Dart SS 10024266 permitted. Engine Quest ENQCH350I permitted



  1. GM 362 cubic inch maximum 3000lbs.

  2. .060” over stock bore permitted. (exp 4.060”)

  3. Any header permitted

  4. Solid or hydraulic cam permitted. NO ROLLER CAM OR MUSHROOM LIFTERS PERMITTED .500 lift not over

  5. Stock I-BEAM rods only. Scat or Eagle stock replacement rods permitted.

  6. GM, Scat or Eagle cast steel crankshaft permitted. Must be stock 3.48” stroke. Steel crankshaft permitted. Must weigh 49 pounds. No knife edge or windage cutting allowed. Angles must not be altered in any way.

  7. Balancing permitted

  8. Ford and Chrysler stroke may vary

  9. Flat top 2 valve relief pistons permitted

  10. OEM production engine blocks only

  11. Aluminum water pump permitted

Engine Setback Rule:

  1. Engine must be mounted in stock location, center of chassis. #1 spark plug must be in front of or centerline of oper ball join 17 inches from forward steering box bolt to #1 plug.

  2. Weight penalties of 50lb per ½” will be added forward of water pump for improper set back



  1. Maximum valve size 1.940” intake 1.50” exhaust 2.02 valves 50lb weight penalty

  2. No angle cut heads allowed

  3. Stock valve job only

  4. No porting, polishing or matching of ports permitted

  5. Screw in studs and guide plates permitted

  6. GM- OEM factory production cast iron, straight plug heads only. Vortec 062 or 906 heads permitted. No Vortec bowtie heads permitted.

  7. Ford- must be factory type head. No 10 degree heads allowed. World product #WRL053030-1, DART #13310080 heads permitted. Must add 50lbs

  8. Roller rocker arms permitted



  1. Aftermarket intake permitted. One 4-barrel type only.

  2. High performance intake permitted

  3. No porting, polishing or matching of ports


  1. Stock 3310 (750) or smaller single pump,  Holly vacuum secondary permitted-( NO Dominator, HP, or Quick Fuel Carburetors)

  2. Choke horn may be removed A.

  3. Rear metering block permitted

  4. No porting or polishing permitted. Will be checked with go/no go gauge D. No screw permitted in vacuum secondary

  5. No carburetor spacers of any kind allowed


  1. Steel flywheel only. 14lb minimum

  2. Z-28 flywheel permitted- If you run a small Clutch you MUST add 50LBS

  3. Ford may run aluminum flywheel. 14lb minimum

  4. Stock/stock replacement pressure plate only. Solid hub clutch disc permitted. Solid round disc only. NO SIX PAD DISC ALLOWED. 10 ½” MINIMUM DISC/scatter shield permitted. No pumps allowed on bellhousing


  1. Gas only 

  2.  No additives

  3. No electric fuel pumps permitted

  4. Securely mounted fuel cell mandatory


  1. Any type radiator permitted. Must be in front of engine



  1. Any block mounted starter permitted. Car must start under its own power



  1. Stock 3,4 or 5 speed permitted.

  2. Automatic transmission permitted. Must have working torque converter

  3. Must have 2 forward and 1 reverse gears

  4. No direct drive transmissions allowed

  5. 602 may use Burt type stock bellhousing

  6. Can run BERT or BRINN style Transmission but must add 50lbs



  1. 3200lbs minimum at any time

  2. Sealed 602 engine 3000lbs

  3. Head and neck restraint, full containment seat and on board fire suppression system recommended



  1. Approved helmet and FULL fire suit mandatory Properly installed 3” lap belt with 2” shoulder harness in good condition.

  2. Properly mounted fuel cell

  3. Must have securely mounted fire extinguisher within driver’s reach

  4. Must have securely mounted bucket type racing seat. Full containment seat recommended.



  1. Must be minimum of 18” tall on both sides of car

  2. Must be visible and legible from scoring tower

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