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            2024 RULES & REGULATIONS

Please Note you are required to wear your arm bands at all times. If you are caught without one you will be escorted from the premises. There will be monitors checking for bands throughout the speedway.   




          Track officials' decisions are final.  We cannot make the rule to fit everyone’s needs and desires, so if you plan to race at "MY HOME TRACK LLC" WINDER BARROW SPEEDWAY, be willing to follow all rules outlined in this book.



                                                                      GENERAL RULES AND CONDUCT CODE



This general section applies to ALL drivers, mechanics, and crew members in the pits and stands.  You are expected to know these rules.  Saying you don’t know these rules will not be accepted as an excuse.  Violation of these rules can and will be subject to suspension from the track.


  1. We expect courteous conduct from all participates at all times.  Every one of you has an image to uphold for the fans and the name of " MY HOME TRACK LLC " WINDER BARROW SPEEDWAY.  We do not tolerate profanity in front of race fans or to track officials or management.

  2. At any time, your dress, actions or conduct are not in the best of interest you will be asked to leave.  If you do not, you will be removed from the premises and barred for a time to be determined by management.

  3. No driver may get out of his or her car; with the exception of safety (fire).  If this rule is violated, the driver will be black flagged and be barred for 2 weeks.

  4. The display or use of a weapon at any time will result in being barred from track and could lead to arrest of all parties involved.

  5. Any disagreement over technical questions or decisions will be resolved by track officials and management.  When their decision is rendered, it is FINAL AND BINDING, and no further discussion will take place.

  6. Track officials and management will determine all finishing positions, and their decision is final.  We are not perfect but will make sure to make the right decisions.

  7. Anyone caught fighting will be barred a minimum of two races and subject to possible arrest. 

  8. For unnecessary roughness on the track, the driver will be black flagged and will be subject to suspension from the track for a minimum of 2 weeks.

  9. To be the official race leader, you must lead the last completed green flag lap.  Any car for which the yellow flag is displayed for will restart the race in the rear. If you spin out, whether you stop or not, you will go to the rear.  If you are part of 3 yellow flags you will be black flagged.

  10. Only track officials may perform work to cars on the track.  If any crew members come onto the track, the driver will be put in the rear.  If driver or crew member argues about official’s decision, driver and car will be barred for 2 races and will not receive any points for the race.

  11. Driver will be paid according to laps completed under green flag racing.  You must complete the race in order to receive any money. Prize money must be picked up by driver or car owner only.  It must be picked up the night it is earned.

  12. The payout of a RED and CHECKERED finish will be scored from previous green lap minus cars involved in incident.

  13. All cars must meet all track rules from the first race to the last race.

  14. Track officials have the right to perform a visual inspection of any car at any time that they feel it is needed without notice to driver/owner.

  15. Any car found illegal will not receive any money or points for that night.

  16. Refusing to obey official’s orders can result in driver and car being barred for 2 races.

  17. Protest must be made within 10 minutes following the completion of the feature event.  Protest AND money for protest must be received by tech official by the car driver or car owner doing the protest ONLY.  If the 2nd place car protests the 1st place car and that car in return protests and both cars are found illegal, ALL MONIES ARE FORFEITED TO THE TRACK.

  18. All cars and towing trailers MUST have working fire extinguishers at easy access to crew members and drivers.

  19. All race cars and towing trailers MUST be inside the fenced area.

  20. Track management reserves the right to modify, add, delete or update any rule. 

  21. There will be no courtesy laps for repairs, except for flat tires (3 laps).

  1. If you do not pay for a parking space, you are not guaranteed that spot every week.  If you want a particular spot get here early.  No holding spots will be allowed.

  2. Just because it is not in the rule book does not make it legal!

  3. We now allow kids in the pits.  They must be with an adult at all times.  If this becomes abused, I will revoke this privilege.

  4.  " MY HOME TRACK LLC" WINDER BARROW SPEEDWAY is private property.  Through your purchase of an admission ticket, you have been given the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities.  However, management reserves the right to revoke and cancel this right at any given time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is not the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, fans or management.





YELLOW-all cars must slow to a safe controlled speed. 


GREEN-start or restart of a race.  Flagman will start race-leader will restart race after one lap is completed.


RED- STOP IMMEDIATELY, possible danger on track.  If you continue after a red flag is displayed, you will go to the pits.


LAP-blue w/yellow stripe-move over-leader is behind you.  If you ignore this flag, you will be black flagged.


BLACK-pull into pits-you either have 3 yellow flags, an unsafe car or have been deemed to be driving aggressively.


WHITE-one more lap to be completed.


CHECKERED- race is officially completed.

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