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                                                                   LIMITED LATE MODEL 2023 RULES


Any jig or clip car

All race cars must have boxed roll cage with 1 % O.D. X .083 min tubing

Must have 3 bars in left door and 2 bars in the right door

103" wheelbase side to side (1" tolerance)


365 Cubic Inches maximum

Cast Iron block

Any high-performance camshaft permitted.

Dry sump or wet sump permitted.

GM performance CT525 sealed race engine is permitted-must add 75 pounds in front of motor plate

GM performance 602 sealed race engine is permitted GM performance 604 sealed race engine is permitted.


Engine set back will be 6" center of top ball joint to most forward spark plug (1/2" tolerance)



Cast iron only except GM 604 and CT525

Chevy 23 degree only Angle cut permitted.

High performance valve springs & retainers permitted.

Needle bearing rocker arms permitted.

Screw in studs & guide plates permitted.

Ford 10-degree heads permitted

Porting & polishing on steel heads only.

National late model sportsman spec heads permitted.

Broadax heads permitted with the following part # ONLY: FORD # (SPFO); MOPAR # (SPMO); CHEVY # (SPCH)

Aluminum intake permitted.

GM 602, 604 & CT525 may be pulled and taken to a certified engine builder for inspection at tracks discretion.



American Racer 48 Spec tire only. No grooving, cutting, or sipening allowed.

GM 602 & 604 may run series tires if you are running with the series only.

Steel or aluminum wheels

14" maximum width

Bead locks permitted.



Any type allowed.


Rack & pinion permitted.

Any Spindles



Four-wheel disc brake permitted

Dual master cylinders

Steel rotors only



Racing fuel permitted

No alcohol, ethanol, methanol, nitrous oxide, propylene oxide or chemical additives


One four barrel only

No dominator carburetors permitted.


Bert & Brinn type permitted.

Any type clutch.

Must have forward & reverse

No direct drives


Lucas Oil late model series specifications on body. Spoiler = 8" X 72"


2400 pounds

Weight must be posted on the driver's side A-pillar.

1 pound per lap burn off for feature only


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